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Use our agency portal to receive NIL deals on behalf of the athletes your represent.

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Onboard all of your athletes and manage everyone in one place. Show your agency tied to your athletes on our public facing marketplace.


Receive all NIL deals on behalf of your athletes or in accordance with them. Accept or Reject NIL offers. Stay compliant with our automatic and manual deal reporting.


In-depth insights about your athletes value. Backend social media breakdowns for an athlete’s audience and recent interaction trends.

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Our Pricing

Agency Basics

Best for Beginners
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  • Roster management tool
  • Receive NIL offers on behalf of your athletes
  • Automatic & Manual compliance reporting
  • Athlete historical data & trends
  • Easy onboarding for all athletes

Agency Premium

Best for Mid-Level Agencies
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  • All features available in Agency Basics
  • Your choice of 2 categories from the Agency toolbox.

Agency Elite

Best for Large Agencies
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  • All features available in Agency Basics
  • All 4 categories in the Agency toolbox included.

Agency Toolbox

Engagement Score (Social Media Data)

Viewership Score (TV Data)

Performance Score (Performance & Pro Potential Data)

Market Score (Market Data)

Hancock Score (Media & News Data)

Hometown Score (Hometown Data)



NCAA & transfer portal recruiting tool.

High School recruiting tool.

Agency-wide market breakdown.

Athlete current value by engagement.

Historical & projected scores.

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