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Benefits of Sports
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Reach Households Across The Country

In 2021, over 500 Million households tuned in to watch College Football and Men’s Basketball alone. Your brand’s message will be echoed in the living room of families in 50 states and all 210 media markets throughout the country.

Advertise To Wealthy Consumers

College sports fans are 1.6 times more likely to have incomes higher than $100K compared to the overall US population. The economic spending power of households with female fans alone is upwards of $500 billion per year.

Target Demographics Like Your Customer Base

There are over 182 million college sports fans in the United States. This includes a fanbase that is only 57% male, and is followed by all ages. At least 15% of each major age grouping from 18-65 identifies as college sports fans.

Take The Risk Out Of Advertising

By making use of our KM Score, we are able to understand an athlete’s value over time, who is best for your brand, and the right time to work with them. Using our data we can de-risk the market and increase ROI compared to other Ad platforms.

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