What Is the Value of This Athlete's NIL?

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Our proprietary algorithm, the Klout Machine Score, measures the value of an athlete’s name, image, and likeness (NIL) both on and off the field. We arm athletes with data to defend what their time and reach is worth. We help businesses find the best athletes for their brand. 

We set the value of an athlete's name, image & likeness with our Klout Machine score and provide a platform for brands transact on it.

This is Klout Machine.


The Size of Your Market Makes All The Difference.


Are You On National TV This Week?


Playing Close To Home Means Everyone Already Knows Your Name.


Game Winning Shot = Game Changing Reach.


QB Is The Most Marketable Position In Sports.

Social Media

Social Media Presence Has A Huge Impact On Reach.


If Everyone Is Talking About You,

You Can Get Everyone Talking About A Brand.

How do we rank athletes?

We’ve created a marketplace that uses a common currency to value NIL. This currency is called the Klout Machine score and it ranges from 0-100. 

This score explains how performance on & off the field relates to exposure – which then translates to a dollar value based on the engagement.

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Our Score

Market Score
Position Based Value
Social Engagement
Home Town Score
Viewership Value
Hancock Ratio
KM Silent Factor

Klout Machine handles all aspects of your NIL deal. As a brand, Sign and Date. As an athlete, Show Up. It’s that simple.

How does it work?

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For Athletes

Klout Machine gets you paid. Fast.

All NCAA Athletes are able to sign up from Klout Machine no matter what sport, state, or conference you play in.


Sign up and receive your Klout Machine score! Don't let people take advantage of your worth. Our score directly translates to how much your Name, Image and Likeness are worth.


Upload a schedule to get paid in your free time. Submit a picture, a screenshot, or a link to your calendar. Klout Machine will automatically show you offers during your free time.


Receive offers from brands and businesses. Get paid to post on social media, speak at events, wear branded clothes, use everyday products, eat at local resturants and more...


Collect your cash with Direct Deposit! You are paid as soon as your task is complete. We offer direct deposits as well as payments through Cash App or Venmo. Check out our Instagram for more info.

For Brands

Leverage the Reach, Awareness, and Personality of College Athletes to Grow Your Business


Input your reach. Do you want to communicate with customers in a particular town OR promote your product across the country?


Optimize your campaign. What metric does your campaign measure? Site traffic, link clicks, conversions?

03. DATE

Determine the time window for this campaign. Are you looking for a one time promotion OR a months long promotion?

04. SIGN

Match with and schedule players that fit your goals! You can find every NCAA athlete & see their value at the touch of a button with Klout Machine.

For Collectives

Klout Machine works to establish value so you can legally maintain your ground in the NIL space.

Our KloutMachine score determines the fair market value of an athlete for any given engagement. We offer collectives the most robust way to run charitable organizations that are NCAA 3rd party involvement compliant. 

NIL agreements must be based on an independent, case-by-case analysis of the value that each athlete brings to an NIL agreement as opposed to providing compensation or incentives for enrollment decisions (e.g., signing a letter of intent or transferring), athletic performance (e.g., points scored, minutes played, winning a contest), achievement (e.g., starting position, award winner) or membership on a team (e.g., being on roster).

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Meet the team



Somto graduated the Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. While at OSU he took a heavy focus in the world of sports and how the business side of the athletic department was run. He noticed an opportunity near Ohio Stadium and started a parking company to ensure everyone would be able to attend OSU football games at the right price. Upon graduation, he went on to become the 16th employee at a Columbus based startup, and subsequently founded Klout Machine.



Noah is a diehard Cleveland Browns fan from Cleveland Heights, OH. He has played sports his whole life and attended the Ohio State University. While there, he founded a social media app with the goal of connecting people from different areas for common goals. He has experience from all over, including building augmented reality, real estate cleanup, and private equity. His experience and background let him focus in on the most important aspect of Klout Machine: Helping athletes succeed on and off the field.



Archie Williamson is the founder and CEO of Diversified Systems, Inc, a management and consulting firm focused on information systems and technology. Williamson holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Toledo with a focus in computer systems, and he is also a graduate of Northwestern’s Kellogg Advanced Management Executive program.



Katrina has 25 years of successful sports marketing experience as a CEO, Author, thought leader, and consultant. She founded Pro-Tential management in 2002, a firm made up of athletes, businesses, national speakers, events, and organizations, including former Heisman Award winner Eddie George. Katrina is also the Former CEO of the American Basketball Association’s Sugarland Legends (Houston, TX).

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