Klout Machine Announces Partnership With the JNB Foundation


Partnership Announcement

Columbus, OH, For Immediate Release – We are happy to announce the new partnership between Klout Machine (KM) and the James Nathaniel Brown Foundation (JNB). The goal of this partnership is to further educate college and high school athletes in order to provide charitable opportunity, long-term stability, and a cornerstone framework for the athlete’s post-playing career.


Looking Ahead

The JNB Foundation will provide Klout Machine with a customized curriculum that promotes social responsibility and life skills development. The curriculum will be accessible to each Klout Machine athlete to provide holistic, wraparound services that support successful outcomes in every area of the athlete’s life. Klout Machine will be partnering with the JNB Foundation to honor the rich legacy of Jim Brown by equipping the next generation of athletes with key tools in the areas of player empowerment, financial literacy, social responsibility, and life skills development.

​​”The ability to monetize one’s name & image is a God-given right! Knowing what to do with the proceeds and how to best manage that image is not. Partnering with the JNB Foundations allows KloutMachine to deliver the critical know-how that has been missing from the NIL ecosystem since its inception. Throughout his life Jim Brown made service to his community and economic leadership pillars of his life and legacy. The knowledge contained in the JNB Foundation curriculum will allow this next generation of athletes to follow in his foot-steps!”  said CEO & Co-founder of Kloutmachine –Somto Akaeze

“My father’s unwavering commitment to promoting economic empowerment within the African American community lives on in the next generation of athletes and young adults through the JNB Foundation. By partnering with Klout Machine the JNB Foundation aims to build upon the extraordinary way Klout Machine positions athletes to win huge opportunities for themselves. Every athlete should be equipped to not only improve their own lives, but also the lives of others by revolutionizing the world. This is done by applying the same principles that Jim Brown demonstrated in his activism and humanitarianism. JNB Foundation and Klout Machine empowers winners to be leaders and more importantly, we provide the opportunity for athletes to be an example of greatness for generations to come,” said Founder & Executive Director of the James Nathaniel Brown Foundation, –Shellee Brown. 

About the Companies

Klout Machine Inc.

Klout Machine puts athletes front and center by establishing their fair market value, and providing a platform to grow it and transact on it. With a proprietary metric: The Klout Machine Score, KM uses data to show how an athlete’s performance on the field relates to their exposure off of it. Using the score, Klout Machine is able to provide infrastructure to the NIL ecosystem in the form of an NIL marketplace, a parent portal, transfer portal tool, and more.

James Nathaniel Brown Foundation 

The James Nathaniel Brown Foundation aka JNB Foundation is a memorial to the man and the legacy of NFL Legend, Jim Brown. Founded on the premise that education is power, the foundation develops curriculum, events, content, and products aimed at supporting young people who aspire to be independently successful individuals capable of not only uplifting themselves, but providing examples of what it is to be leaders and role models in their communities. 




Somto Akaeze

Klout Machine Inc.



Shellee Brown

James Nathaniel Brown Foundation

Email: [jnbfoundation32@gmail.com]



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