Tyler Johnson Takes on Fredericktown

Tyler “HIMOTHY” johnson (@tylerjjohnson7)

Big time players, make big time plays, in big time games. Last Friday night was senior night for the Centerburg High School football team. It was a game Tyler Johnson was waiting for all year: matched up against the cross-town rival, playing with the conference title on the line, and in the last guaranteed start of his high school career. We were in attendance for this high stakes matchup versus Fredericktown, and Mr. Johnson put on a show!

His ability to impact the game from ANY and ALL positions, coupled with his football IQ is something I have never seen before at this level of football. Tyler played QB, Safety, Kicker, OLB, and DE All in ONE game, On offense, he was able to beat the Fredericktown defense with his arm and his legs. He had a 66% completion rate on the night,(for context Baker Mayfield’s best season he threw 63.8% ) personally accounted for 5 out of 7 touchdowns and was 61% of the teams total offense. Keep in mind he put on this dominant performance after only playing QB for one season, and having 0 upperclass receivers. This alone is a feat unto itself, but if you recall I mentioned Tyler plays all three sides of the ball! It could be argued that his impact on the game and his iq is best utilized on the other side. I will give a brief example, and as always we have game footage so feel free to make use of your own personal “eye test”.

It’s the first half and the opposition has the ball, they have already scored and this is the second drive; it’s a third down and about three. Tyler begins the play as a safety, as the clock is winding down, he calls his own #, crosses the width of the field and lines up as a DE on the right side he sends the LB behind him deeper to replace the gap he just created. When he does this the other team is forced to call a timeout, they end up not converting, and on the next drive Tyler scores! This isn’t the only time he single-handedly blows up a play on defense , timestamps of 3:35 & 3:44.

It’s not often that you witness a true phenom; an individual who’s physical impact on the sport is just as great as their cerebral understanding of the sport. Tyler Johnson is going to play at the next level! The only question that remains is what team and which side(s) of the ball! according to our in house All-American Corner @chimchek he see’s Tyler excelling at LB on the next level, but that’s just our opinion. Feel free to draw your’s from the tape below!

Tyler will be back in action this Friday, at Centerburg for the team’s first play-off game. If good football brings a smile to your face, be in attendance!! You will be grinning from ear to ear.


36 hours before this article was released Tyler won Ohio Maxpreps player of the week!
He broke and reset the single season TD record at Centerburg this game
He was Ten Tv player of the week on Oct 7th

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